The Wash Spot Laundromat

Open 24 Hours

Air Conditioned

Free Wi-Fi - Bring your laptops!!!

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

Monitored by 24 hour Video Surveillance Cameras

207 Riverside Avenue, Burlington, Vermont
(next to Newton's Carwash and Auto Detailing)
Click for Map & Directions
(802) 862-6100

Laundry Detergents, Bleach and Fabric Softeners

We offer a full range of laundry vending products on-site. You can purchase them at our vending machine inside the Laundromat. You may purchase them with your Wash Card.
See more details about the Wash Card System buy clicking on this link.

Product Offered:

Tide detergent - Powder
Oxi-Clean - Powder
All detergent - Powder
Wisk detergent - Liquid
Snuggle- Dryer Sheets
Downy Fabric Softener - Liquid
Clorox Bleach - Liquid (for whites)
Clorox 2 - Powder (Non-Chlorine - for Colors)
Plastic Laundry Bags

There is also a Soda Vending Machine on site offering:

Coke, Diet Coke
Mountain Dew
Neste Iced Tea
Red Bull
Gator Aid