The Wash Spot Laundromat

Open 24 Hours

Air Conditioned

Free Wi-Fi - Bring your laptops!!!

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

Monitored by 24 hour Video Surveillance Cameras

207 Riverside Avenue, Burlington, Vermont
(next to Newton's Carwash and Auto Detailing)
Click for Map & Directions
(802) 862-6100


8 LOAD Dryers - .79 cents for 11 minutes

These are excellent for drying huge loads including sleeping bags, quilts and comforters. Low, medium and high setting allow temperatures to be set for all types of garments. A pause button will stop the time to allow you to take out or add garments to the dryer. To restart select the low, medium or high heat setting.

4 LOAD Dryers - .39 cents for 11 minutes

These are great for medium loads of laundry with all the same heat settings as the 8 Load dryer above.